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Let it Go, Let it Flow

Let it Go, Let it Flow


In 2020 I dived into a transformative painting workshop led by Amanda Sage. Starting off with a meditation which induced a vision that finalized my ultimate release. Shedding of my old self becoming anew, I am transformed. Dancing in euphoria within my mind my soul at peace, I am continuously reminded of my life's purpose to create beauty, inspiring others sets me free. To be in awe of all creations is to see clearly. I hope that each one of us finds freedom in our hearts, minds and souls for it is then that we can dance together in blissful harmony.

Original colours are the red version. Magenta, Purple, Blue & Green had their colours altered in photoshop for all the feels.

Stretched and Signed Canvas Prints of "Let it Go, Let it Flow"

Shipped in a box

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